Emerald Coast Bikepacking Tour – Packing List

If you’re not a touring cyclist, you’re probably thinking this post can only be the work of an OCD freak. The thing is, touring cyclists are very careful about what they pack and those learning or trying to learn are looking for advice to get started with their lists. So, packing lists are a common post amongst touring cyclists and backpackers.

I know that this list is very luxurious and could be pared down quite a bit. That’s my style, though. I’d rather suffer a bit of weight to have along what I want. I’ve included some weights where I could find claimed weights online. I don’t have a scale to weigh small quanitities so there are quite a few holes. On my last S24O, my panniers weighed about 25 lbs. including the panniers (Ortlieb front and back rollers). The ratio was about 13 lbs front with 11-12 lbs. rear. I’ve made a couple of changes since then; most notably changing out The North Face Cats Meow sleeping bag and Trangia 25 stove/cookset, which save a couple of pounds. I was also carrying some frozen food for a nice dinner along with a bit of ice. However, I’ll be carrying more in spare clothing so I’ll probably end up about the same. Of course, this is comparing a week-long tour to a S24O.

I’m not listing the food here. I’ll be carrying packets of drink mix, oatmeal, and maybe some trail mix. Otherwise, I’m planning on supplying along the way.

Item Make/Model QTY Weight
Tent (Incl. fly, poles, stakes) Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Y 74.0
Sleeping pad Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Y 19.0
Sleeping bag Marmot Nanowave 45 Y 29.0
Sleeping bag liner Sea To Summit Coolmax Adaptor ? 9.5
Camp light Snow Peak SnowMiner Y 2.3
Multi-tool / Knife Leatherman Juice Cs4 Y 5.5
Fire starter Swedish Firesteel Y 1.5
Starter stick Fat wood 4  
First-aid kit Adventure Medical .7 Y 8.0
Ultra-sil bucket Sea To Summit UltraSil Bucket Y 1.0
Paracord 50 ft. Y  
Item Make/Model QTY Weight
Stove Esbit Alcohol Trekking Y 14.7
Fuel bottle Vargo 8 oz. 2  
Kitchen Kit GSI Crossover Y 9.6
Cooler Kelty Toto Y 6.7
Multi-soap Sea To Summit Wilderness Wash Y 3.0
Cup Sea To Summit X-Cup Y 1.6
Item Make/Model QTY Weight
Convertible pants Columbia Silver Ridge Y 12.6
Underwear   2  
T-Shirt (Short Sleeve)   1  
T-Shirt (Long Sleeve)   1  
Cycling Jersey (Extra)   1  
Cycling Shorts (Extra)   1  
Cycling Socks (Extra)   1  
Towel MSR PackTowl Y 2.5
Sunscreen   Y  
Bug Wipes   6  
Toothbrush and toothpaste   Y  
Deodorant   Y  
Lip balm w/ sunscreen   Y  
Ear plugs   Y  
Advil   Y  
Wet Wipes   Y  
Rain jacket   ?  
Shoes Croc Flip-Flops Y  
Item Make/Model QTY Weight
Pump Lezyne Pressure Drive Y 3.1
Extra tube   1 4.5
Cable and lock ABUS Combiloop 205 ? 8.1
Lights Planet Bike Superflash Y 2.6
Multi tool Topeak Mini 9 Y 3.2
Patch kit / Tire boot Topeak Y 0.6
Tire Levers Park TL-1 Y 0.7
Parts Brake parts, KMC Masterlink, cleat screw, various screws Y 1.0
Item Make/Model QTY Weight
iPhone   Y 4.0
iPad   Y 23.0
Charger   Y 3.2
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2 Responses to Emerald Coast Bikepacking Tour – Packing List

  1. 59romulus says:

    Great, sensible list in my opinion. I also carry iPad.
    Could you please comment on how you like the Lezyne Pressure Driive pump and with what size tires you are using it? I would carry at least one additional pair of socks, because clean, dry socks are a treat for me. Have a nice trip. Thanks.

    • dellwilson says:

      I love the Lezyne pump, but consider that I don’t have much experience with other pumps. Also, I have very few flats; knock wood. I have two of them that I move between three bikes. My road bike has 700×23 tires. My commuter bike has 700×32 tires and gets the most flats. My long ride / touring bike, the one pictured on the banner, has 700×28 tires on it. I will usually also carry a CO2 inflator with me, but will never rely on CO2 alone.

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