Emerald Coast Bikepacking Tour – Packing List (Final)

About 40 hours to go and here’s as close to final as I’m going to get. (I’m sure I’ll throw something in or drop something out up until the minute I leave the house.)

There’s not a huge difference from the plan last week. I dropped the sleeping bag liner since I don’t think the nights will be warm enough for me to be outside the sleeping bag. The biggest change is I decided not to take my rain jacket in favor of my lightweight, wind jacket. I’m sure we’re going to encounter rain, but it will be warm and I think it will be spotty. In that case, I’d rather just get a bit wet.

I added food to the list since last week. I’m just carrying a few things that I don’t want to go hunting for. For example, one of my favorite snacks on a ride is Hot Tamales. Convenience stores rarely have those so I’ve prepackaged some in small bags. (I also like peanut button Snickers or Reese’s FastBreak, but those are easy to find.) I think my touring partner is planning to carry quite a few meals, but I’m planning to shop daily for dinner and breakfast.

I did a test pack of the panniers last night. I ended up with slightly more than 4 pounds each in the front and 5.5 pounds each in the rear (including the panniers). I’m surprised it came out like that as I put the dense stuff in the front (sleeping bag, stove, fuel, kitchen, food) and the bulky stuff in the back (tent, clothing). I’ll look for candidates to move to the front.

Item Make/Model QTY Weight
Camp     143.2
Tent Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Y 25.5
Fly Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Y 21.5
Poles Kelty Grand Mesa 2 Y 16.6
Stakes MSR Groundhogs 5 2.9
Sleeping pad Therm-A-Rest NeoAir Y 24.9
Sleeping bag Marmot Nanowave 45 Y 34.9
Camp light Snow Peak SnowMiner Y 3.5
Multi-tool / Knife Leatherman Squirt PS4 Y 2.0
Fire starter Swedish Firesteel Y 1.6
First-aid kit Adventure Medical .7 Y 6.5
Ultra-sil bucket Sea To Summit UltraSil Bucket Y 0.9
Paracord 30 ft. Y 2.4
Kitchen     36.3
Stove Esbit Alcohol Trekking Y 15.2
Fuel bottle Vargo 8 oz. 2 16.4
Multi-soap Sea To Summit Wilderness Wash 1.3 oz. Y 1.9
Spork Light My Fire Y 0.4
Cup Sea To Summit X-Cup Y 2.3
Can Opener P-38 Y 0.1
Food     30.3
Olive Oil 2 oz. 7 1.3
Hot cocoa Land-O-Lakes Chocolate Mint 7 9.8
Coffee Starbucks Via 6 3.6
Oatmeal Instant 2 3.2
Candy Hot Tamales (15 pc. / 105 cal.) 7 7.7
Spices Chipotle, Italian, Red Pepper, Garlic Garlic 1 1.3
Chicken Bullion (6 cubes) 1 0.8
Drink Mix Crystal Light & Propel Zero 20 0.1
Personal     63.8
Convertible pants Columbia Silver Ridge Y 11.9
Underwear   1 3.1
Shirt (Short Sleeve) Nike Dri-Fit 1 5.5
Shirt (long Sleeve) Nike Dri-Fit 1 5.9
Cycling Jersey (Extra)   1 5.9
Cycling Socks (Extra)   1 1.1
Towel MSR PackTowl Y 3.0
Sunscreen   Y 2.1
Bug Wipes   7 2.0
Toothbrush   Y 0.8
Toothpaste   Y 0.9
Deodorant   Y 1.3
Lip balm w/ sunscreen   Y 0.4
Razor   Y 0.3
Advil   Y 0.1
Wet Wipes   Y 1.4
Wind Jacket Pearl Izumi Y 6.9
Shoes Croc Flip-Flops Y 9.6
Daypack   Y 1.8
Bicycle     23.9
Click-Stand   Y 2.9
Pump Lezyne Pressure Drive Y 3.2
Extra tube 700×28-32 1 3.2
Cable and lock ABUS Combiloop 205 Y 6.5
Lights Planet Bike Superflash Y 2.0
Multi tool Topeak Mini 9 Y 3.2
Patch kit / Tire boot Topeak Y 0.9
Tire Levers Park TL-1 Y 1.4
Parts Brake parts, KMC Masterlink, cleat screw, various screws Y 0.6
Misc     38.1
IPhone   Y 4.0
iPad   Y 23.1
Charger   Y 2.4
iPad Sleeve Timbuk2 Y 4.3
iPad Charging Cable   Y 0.6
Garmin Charging Cable   Y 0.6
Eyeglasses   Y 0.9
Eyeglasses/Sunglasses Case   Y 2.2
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2 Responses to Emerald Coast Bikepacking Tour – Packing List (Final)

  1. DS says:

    I’m not nearly as organized this trip as you are…

    Here’s my list in video format: http://youtu.be/2SVmrRS1qfA

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