ECBT – Leg 1

Today was a hard day. It started off fine. We both woke up around six, Daryl shortly before me. We decided to get going early to beat the rain. I guess we were out of camp by 8:00 or shortly thereafter.

We had to stop a few miles down the road because one of my front panniers was not stable. This had actually caused me to endo at the beginning of our last S24O, so I was paying close attention to it. During the stop, I was able to reconfigure and it was rock-solid the rest of the day.

The first twenty miles was quick. We went through a few showers, but we were in the road and moving fast. We took a break at a place called the Modica Grocery and Cafe.


The rest of the journey was not good. Most of it was on bike path; rough bike path. But the rain really slowed us down. 30 miles in the rain. The last 10-12 miles was driving rain.

Once we reached Henderson Beach State Park, we just hid from the rain in the shelter that had restrooms, showers, and laundry. A nice, hot shower and dry clothes had me feeling much better. $2.50 in quarters dried the wet clothes. Daryl waited about two hours and the set up his hammock in a lull. I waited three hours until all rain was past to set up my tent.

Tough day; sleep should come easy. Till tomorrow, y’all.

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