ECBT – Night 2


I think the rain ended about 6pm at which time I finally set up my tent. (I watched two episodes of Game of Thrones waiting on it to stop.) Daryl had set up his hammock about an hour before me and crawled in to wait out the last wave of rain. As you can see in the photo, this park had posts installed just for hammocks. That’s a good thing because they don’t allow any attachments to the trees. I set up my tent in that little break in the scrub because I preferred to be there rather than on the sharp gravel.


We went out to Walmart to get breakfast food and Daryl needed a dry-bag for his clothing. (Waterproof panniers are a really good thing.) After Wallyworld, we had some dinner and then immediately to sleep. Neither one of us was feeling like staying up to do anything at all.

I woke sometime during the night; I’m not sure what time since I didn’t even turn the phone on to see. I walked down to the bathroom and then followed the path to the beach. This Park has a really nice walkway to the beach and a really nice beach at the other end of it. We went back in the daylight and you can see a small part of it in this photo. It’s about a quarter mile from the shelter to the beach.


After my little moonlight walk, I was able to get back to sleep and woke about 6:30. I cooked up my breakfast drink of champions: Land-O-Lakes Mint Cocoa plus Starbucks Via coffee (pat. pend.)


I was able to join the daily call with my team in Hyderabad at 7:45 like normal. There were no crises, thank goodness. Here’s Daryl laughing at me while I’m on the call to the Indians.


We took our time packing up this morning. I had time for the rain fly to dry (drizzled on and off during the night) before packing it away. In fact, the only thing wet when we left were my cycling shoes. There was really nothing I could do because I was unwilling to put them into the dryer to tumble. So, I’m riding on wet shoes today. Yuck.

We’re 25 miles into a 67 mile ride to the other side of Pensacola as I write this. We’ll probably stop in Pensacola for lunch at around mile 50 or so. More later.

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