ECBT – Leg 2

We had perfect weather for cycling leg 2, which was 67 miles from Destin to the west side of Pensacola to Big Lagoon State Park. We got a late start, somewhere between 10:30 and 11:00. We stopped for a break about 25 miles in at a McDonald’s. I can’t remember the name of the city. Next stop was at around mile 50 in downtown Pensacola, which means riding across the Pensacola Bay bridge. I had ridden across it in 2011 when Lynn, the kids, and I were down here on vacation. It’s got big shoulders and there’s not too much debris on them. It’s a good design.

Here’s us when Daryl decided to stop and work his GoPro camera.


Here’s an action shot of Daryl crossing the bridge.


McGuire’s Irish Pub is a place we were told about when we first started coming to Pensacola Beach (after spending most of our lives at Gulf Shores and Orange Beach). We love the place and have to eat there whenever we come down.


We had a lot of fun watching people get confused by the bathroom signs. The sign on the men’s room points to the women’s and visa-versa. It is very confusing. Daryl was taken in by it and washed his hands in the ladies. A while later, I was taken in and washed my hands in the ladies. (Notice that Daryl didn’t grant me the wisdom of his experience. He just met me outside with my phone because he knew I’d want to take a photo.)


After a massive meal, we headed on to the park. Unfortunately, our route went through some rough areas of Pensacola. That’s a shame because the bike lanes were good, for the most part.



After setting up camp, I headed to the grocery for dinner and breakfast, while Daryl headed down the the beach. To ride to the beach was about 2 miles via a roundabout road, but the view was gorgeous. There was a tower that got you up about 30 feet to see the panorama. Very nice. I took a panorama with Photosynth, so I’ll figure out how to weave that in here later. Daryl set up his GoPro to take a 60 minute panorama so that might turn out cool. This park really is beautiful.

Here’s a shot looking back toward Pensacola.


Here’s a shot looking west toward Perdido Key.


After the sightseeing, a shower, dinner, and then stayed up a bit late talking about nothing. I guess I went to bed about 10:30. The night was uneventful. Daryl’s off exploring somewhere. I’m finishing up breakfast the sun is out today so it will be a hot one. We’ve only got a 41 mile ride to the Dauphin Island ferry today. Boo. I think Daryl is going to explore Fort Morgan before jumping the ferry. Till later, y’all.

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2 Responses to ECBT – Leg 2

  1. Andrew Herfurth says:

    Dell, sounds like your having a good time. Bailey and I went to Big Lagoon last time we went to the beach and fished a little. My bike trip had hotels every night but sounds like your body is taking the camping thing pretty well…… cool and careful.

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