ECBT – Leg 3

I woke about 6:15. Daryl had gotten out early to get photos of the sunrise…


I had an early breakfast. Daryl spent a few minutes on the phone with the team he leads, which is distributed between Huntsville and Hyderabad.


We left Big Lagoon State Park just after 9:00 and just a couple miles down the road, we crossed a bridge into Perdido.


And, of course, after crossing the bridge at Perdido Key, we entered our home state. Yay!


It was about 22 miles until our first rest stop in Gulf Shores. We had full sun all day and warm temps so the rest stop was welcome. Next up was the 21-22 miles down to Fort Morgan, which can be a grind. Both halves of today’s ride were a part of the back-to-back centuries in the AMBA ride last year so I knew what to expect. Plenty of water and patience is what it takes.

I had a snack for lunch at the picnic area just outside of Fort Morgan and waited for the ferry. Daryl went off to explore the fort since he’d never been there. I hopped the ferry to Dauphin Island and here we sit now at the Dauphin Island Campground, which has killer WiFi I must say.



Tomorrow will be a 50 mile ride. We’ll have to cross the long bridge to Mobile and then turn west and south. We’ll be riding through Bayou la Batre, Grand Bay, and Pascagoula on the way to Shepard State Park in Gautier, MS. I’ll get back to you from Mithithippi.

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