ECBT – Leg 5

Our stop on leg 4 was Shepard State Park in Gautier, MS.




It is a small park and fairly remote. Since it is mostly swampland, the bugs were a problem. I guess it is too early for the mosquitos, but the noseeums were biting like crazy.

We got an early start for leg 5 although not as early as yesterday. We were only a few miles down the road when we had to stop at McDs for the morning calls.


Very soon we were crossing the bridge to Biloxi.


And it had a great bike lane!



Biloxi, at least the coastal part, was really nice. We took a detour to ride by Keesler Air Base where Daryl was stationed years back. That part of town was not quite as nice.


We rode through Gulf Port…


… and Pass Christian; beautiful homes and beautiful gulf views. The ride looked like this…


… and much of it was on bike paths like this…


After Pass Christian, we crossed another long bridge into Bay Saint Louis. Daryl groaned a bit when he saw this one…


Not me. Lovin’ it!


The view from the other side…


Bay Saint Louis is very quaint. Most houses either look new or look like only a foundation.


After Bay Saint Louis, we rode through Waveland and just past that is Buccaneer State Park.


This park is just a flat piece of land right on the coast. It is all either new or under construction so I guess it was totally destroyed by one of the hurricanes. We’re hunkered down for the night. We had Subway for lunch, but I’m going to cook camp tacos for dinner.

It looks like good chances for rain tonight and tomorrow so we’re a bit worried we’ll have to pack camp and ride 55 miles in the rain. Most of the forecast is for 60% chance and, in my experience, that is showers and not all day rain. Oh, well. It will be what it is and we’ll work with it. Talk to y’all from Nawlins tommorrow!

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2 Responses to ECBT – Leg 5

  1. Ray Crisp says:

    Great trip Dell, as I read and look at the pictures, I feel like I am right there. It sounds and looks like you are really enjoying the trip. Be safe.


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