Breakfast Meeting Run Commute

My boss has been in town this week and because of a strike by Lufthansa pilots, he was not able to fly out until Saturday afternoon. He asked for a breakfast meeting at the Westin in Huntsville. I guess I could have said “no”, but I had things I wanted to discuss as well as whatever he had on his mind. Of course, he’s the boss so I try to accomodate him. But here’s the problem, I’d really rather use one of our first, Spring Saturday mornings to train for my upcoming Grand Canyon Backpacking Tour or to simply work off those remaining Winter hibernation pounds. The answer, of course, is to combine the two.

Run Commuter Mode

Run Commuter Mode

I could easily have ridden my bicycle there. At only 7.5 miles, that would hardly be a challenge. But it’s still cool and quite windy today so the bike wasn’t really calling to me. How about a run commute to this breakfast meeting? I’ve run to Bridge Street before; last November actually. Two differences, though. First, I was n in better shape; I had acutally worked up to half marathon length the week before compared to the 6 miles I’ve been running lately. Second, I needed to carry gear to avoid sitting at breakfast in a nice hotel looking (and smelling like a runner).

I packed my running bag, a Boreas (18L) Larkin, with a change of clothes, flip-flops (to save weight over shoes), my run commuter toiletries, and a washcloth and hand towel. My boss is a very casual dresser so that meant jeans, T-shirt, and flip-flops would be fine.

Pack Contents

Pack Contents

When I set out, the temperature was 42F with a stiff wind from the North. Other than having to navigate the construction blocking Old Madison Pike, the run was straightforward. When I got to the Westin, I went straight to the lobby restroom. I’ve spent many hours (and many days) in meetings in the Westin and I know it quite well. It only took a few minutes to wipe off, dry, apply some smell-good, and then change clothes. I made it to my meeting three minutes early.



After the meeting, change in reverse; back into the restroom to get the running gear back on and repack my bag. A little stretching and I was off.



You can see that my pace went way down on the way home. My legs were really tenderized after that run. I guess that’s what happens when you go from 6 miles to over 15.

Ok. Here’s the question: Can I consider this my first half marathon of the year or is this simply two 7.5 mile runs due to the business meeting in between?

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