Rainbow Mountain Training Hike

We have a hill close to home that is known as Rainbow Mountain. It only rises about 500 feet above the surrounding area, but it does so quite steeply. In fact, the road leading to the summit is a favorite of cyclists as it climbs at 15%-18% grade. I love climbing it on my road bike, but I do so infrequently because the descent terrifies me. I’m really terrible at descents.

The local land trust has a plot up there and there are several trails. The main trail is called Rainbow Mountain Loop Trail is listed at 1.5 miles. There is an extension to that called the Jamooko Loop Trail that is listed at .9 miles. Since the Jamooko Loop Trail cuts off a small portion of the Rainbow Mountain Loop Trail, the total is a little less than 2.4 miles.

This is a good hike for training because the terrain varies quite a bit; there is climbing, descending, and technical rock sections. Some of the rock formations are fascinating as well.

As a training hike for our upcoming Grand Canyon Backpacking Tour, I took three trips around at a good pace today for conditioning so I probably got in about 7 miles of hiking. The following are some photos and video that I shot today.

The video is pretty long and cuts off abruptly. I’m sorry about that; I’m still learning about video. I’m not really sure what makes the most interesting videos of a hike. This video cuts off abruptly because the camera battery ran dry.











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