Challenge Offered; Challenge Accepted

Proof of challenge acceptance

Proof of challenge acceptance

Yup. Here we go. My little pack of computer nerds have committed to run the Rocket City Marathon this year and this post serves as my shouting it on the street corner. If I don’t follow through for reasons other than emergency, sickness, or injury, I’ll be publicly shamed.

I found working my way up to a half marathon to be trivial and ended up running three in November when the challenge was for one at the end. However, I’ve got enough atheletic experience to know that this will more than twice as hard as a half marathon.

  • I know a century bike ride (100 mi) is more than twice as hard as a 50 mi ride or even a metric century ride (62.1 mi).
  • I know that hydration and nutrition are critical for efforts of this duration.
  • I know that I’m very susceptible to dehydration unless I force myself to follow a strict routine.
  • I know that above 1.5 hours, nipple chafing becomes a serious issue. (Some of you are laughing right now. You’ve obviously never come home with two blood stains on your shirt. Go on and google it.)
  • I know that my back can begin to hurt at around two hours of runing.
  • I’ve been told by experienced runners that 18 miles is “a wall”.
  • But, I also know that I am very focused on meeting goals such as this and I will follow or exceed my training plan.
  • And, I know that I shift into cruise control after about an hour where I’m no longer counting the miles and have to concentrate hard just to listen for my pace to be called out every quarter mile by MapMyRun.

All things considered, I’m expecting this to be a very difficult goal; perhaps my hardest challenge.

I’ve researched training plans and I’ve settled upon Hal Higdon’s 18-week plan, which means I’ll begin to train in earnest in mid-August. Except for my Friday run-commute, I’m going to lay off running for the next two months and concentrate on cycling. I hope this will leave me fresh and hungry for the challenge.

Wish me luck.

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2 Responses to Challenge Offered; Challenge Accepted

  1. Jan says:

    Best of luck. I have zero desire to run a marathon but enjoy mud races and other challenges. I’d like to book my next one so I can get busy training! (I workout daily but I’d love a goal event to prepare for)

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