Marathon Training Week 4

Well, I wish I could report that week 3 went perfectly, but unfortunately, I was a bit up and down.

I started the week with a trip to Houston and I missed my first run due to enjoying way too much Mexican food in a business dinner Monday night. Seriously, I probably wouldn’t have made it the first mile without needing a restroom break. Besides that, Houston is a terrible place to run; think ridiculous amounts of fast-moving traffic coupled with spotty sidewalk coverage. On top of that, my Hotel was almost total land-locked by highways. But I did get in a short run on Wednesday morning and felt fine. I got in five miles on Thursday evening back home, but felt just terrible the entire time. Five miles on Saturday was just ok. Sunday was my first nine mile run in many months. Since the heat and humidity has been getting to me, I got started before dawn. The first half did not feel good, but I finally got into the zone at 4.5-5.0 miles and the second half was fine…

Except that I entered the chafe zone. I know better than to attempt an hour-plus run without protecting the nipples, but I didn’t and paid for it. So, I’ve ordered some Red11 Sport Anti-Chafe Balm. I saw a review of this on The Run Commuter.

Week 4 of my Fatass-to-Marathon Badass (F2MB) Makeover Program actually steps back a little bit since the long run is only 6 miles as opposed to 11 miles this week.

Mon: Cross-Training (Cycling)
Tue: 3 mi run
Wed: 5 mi run
Thu: 3 mi run
Fri: Recovery
Sat: 5 mi run at target pace
Sun: 6 mi run

NOTE: I’m following Hal Higdon’s convention of considering Sunday as the end of the week.

I’ll have to do my work week running from Buenos Aires this week. Since that is the Southern Hemisphere, it’s in winter and the forecast looks to be lows in the mid 40s and highs in the mid to high 50s. To be honest, with heat index of 105-110 in Huntsville this week, I’m looking forward to running in the cool for a bit. I’ll be in the city center, which I hope will be good environment for running. We’ll see.

I’m reaching all the way back to 1979 for music sponsorship this week. There has been a handful of bands that I remember from high school, which I’ve not been able to find on CD or digital until recently. First up is New England and their eponymous album produced by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS. I saw them live during the KISS Dynasty tour and they really impressed me. Second musical sponsor is Shooting Star and their eponymous album.

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