Marathon Training Week 5

I’m sorry to say that I did not do well in Buenos Aires despite the fact that I was looking forward to running in the cool weather. I flew all night on Monday night and went pretty much straight into a customer meeting after I arrived on Tuesday morning. I got down on my sleep and never recovered.

Upon arriving home on Saturday, I had to go to a family funeral, which took most of the day. So, the only day I actually ran during week 4 was Sunday. However, I can report that I felt great. I must have needed the rest because I felt the best I have since starting.

Week 5 of my Fatass-to-Marathon Badass (F2MB) Makeover Program steps up the mileage.

Mon: Cross-Training (Cycling)
Tue: 3 mi run
Wed: 6 mi run
Thu: 3 mi run
Fri: Recovery
Sat: 6 mi run at target pace
Sun: 11 mi run

NOTE: I’m following Hal Higdon’s convention of considering Sunday as the end of the week.

I’m flying out on Saturday to arrive on Monday in Jakarta, Indonesia. I’ll be there two days and then it will be on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since I lose Sunday entirely, I’m going to skip the cross-training and the rest day on Friday and run every day this week. I’ve also never been to Jakarta so I don’t know how running will be there. I’ve been to KL many times and running in the KLCC park is fantastic at dawn.

KLCC Park at dawn.

KLCC Park at dawn.

Since I completely tanked last week and only had a chance to listing to the week four music once, I’m going to stick with the same music sponsors this week. First up is New England and their eponymous album produced by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons of KISS. I saw them live during the KISS Dynasty tour and they really impressed me. Second musical sponsor is Shooting Star and their eponymous album.

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