Marathon Training Week 6

Week 5 was a bust, plain and simple. I caught a cold in Buenos Aires or on the way back, which kept me down all week. I managed to get in one six mile run on Monday before the cold took hold full force, but that was it. Then I was flying all day Saturday and Sunday.

I’m now in Jakarta, Indonesia where the forest fires pump so much black carbon into the air you can see and smell it. I’m ashamed to say that I ran on the treadmill today; I got in a fast-paced 5K just to get the body back into the swing of it. I don’t really see a good place for running on the roads around here as they look very twisty (easy to get lost), busy, and the sidewalks are very rough. The hotel has a 350 meter running track so I’ll probably use that tomorrow if I think the using the buff as an air filter will keep my lungs from turning black. I’m very much looking forward to running in KLCC Park in Kuala Lumpur later this week.

Here’s what week 6 of my Fatass-to-Marathon Badass (F2MB) Makeover Program should be…

Mon: Cross-Training
Tue: 3 mi run
Wed: 6 mi run
Thu: 3 mi run
Fri: Recovery
Sat: 6 mi run
Sun: 12 mi run

NOTE: I’m following Hal Higdon’s convention of considering Sunday as the end of the week.

Since I’ve already run on Monday, I’m off schedule so I’m just going to have to play it by ear. My flight to KL leaves at 8:45 AM on Wednesday so no chance to run that morning, so I’ll probably try to do 6 miles tomorrow morning and then maybe do 3 miles in KLCC park Wednesday afternoon. Thursday and Friday mornings should be good to run in KLCC.

I don’t have any other travel planned after this so I’m hoping to stay at home for a while and get serious about the training. Wish me luck.

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