Marathon Training Week 8

I’m sorry I didn’t get a post out for week 7, but I just didn’t feel it coming off a long summer of business travel. But I got in a full week of training during week 7 and finished with a half marathon so I feel like I’m finally pulling it together.

Here’s what week 8of my Fatass-to-Marathon Badass (F2MB) Makeover Program will be…

Mon: Cross-Training
Tue: 4 mi run
Wed: 7 mi run
Thu: 4 mi run
Fri: Recovery
Sat: 7 mi run
Sun: 14mi run

NOTE: I’m following Hal Higdon’s convention of considering Sunday as the end of the week.

I’m considering modifying the plan so that I can get back to my run commute on Fridays, but I’ve not quite made that decision yet. I’ll decide soon. I’ve got my boss in town this week, which will upset my schedule quite a bit, but I should be able to get all the runs in one way or the other.

My training this week is sponsored by Shaman’s Harvest who have a new album out last week called Smokin’ Hearts & Broken Guns. I’ll also be rocking to their 2009 album Shine. Check them out and turn them up.

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