Planning Begins for a 2015 Bike Tour

I concentrated on backpacking and running last year so I’ve not done a week-long bike tour since 2013. But my plan is to concentrate on cycling in 2015 and another bike tour is part of that plan. I’ve been very interested in riding the Natchez Trace for several years so I’m thinking that will be my focus. However, my last bike tour ended in New Orleans so I think I’d like to start from where I left off in 2013. (Also, the logistics of starting in Natchez are a bit of a nightmare.) So, my tentative plan is a New Orleans to Natchez to Nashville bike tour, which I think will be roughly 660 miles. I don’t want to take longer than 9-10 days off so that means I’ll need to be averaging 65-80 miles per day. That’s not too bad, but it does mean that I won’t have a huge amount of time for sightseeing. But that’s okay because it is more about the ride for me anyway.

I was originally hoping that I’d be touring in May, but my work/travel schedule is going to prevent that so mid-to-late June looks to be the earliest. Of course, it’s going to be getting pretty hot in the deep South by then so this is not optimum. It would probably be better to wait until October, but I just don’t want to wait that long. Mid-to-late June is the tentative start.

I’ve created a new category on this blog titled “3NBT” that will collect all my posts for my Nawlins-Natchez-Nashville Bikepacking Tour so save this link and check back on my progress.

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2 Responses to Planning Begins for a 2015 Bike Tour

  1. I always enjoy reading bike tours by cycling bloggers. Not only I feel so inspired and motivated but also stunning landscape along the journey are usually captured beautifully. Looking forward to more updates on your bike tour!

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