Losing Momentum

I’m not talking about momentum in any physical sense as I would expect any cyclist to be intimately familiar with rolling characteristics of his bike and hardly need any blog post to discuss it. I’m talking about figurative momentum: in this case, the momentum I currently have in getting back in shape and shedding my Winter hibernation weight.

I’ve begun this cycling season in particularly poor shape after having spent last year focused on hiking and training for a marathon in which I ultimately failed. Following that came an ugly Winter and early Spring (with respect to weather), which means I haven’t done any serious training on the bike in around 15 months. It’s only in the past two weeks that the weather had broken enough for me to get in some decent training miles even though I’m still dodging rain showers. And I’m already seeing results after only those two weeks. It’s encouraging. But it’s about to stop for almost three weeks solid; enough time to lose most of my momentum.

At the moment, I’m three days into almost three weeks of travel. I’ll spend a solid week in Hyderabad, India followed by a three day stop-over in Swindon, UK. If you add in days flying, that’s 10 days off the bike. I’ll then have four days at home and then fly out for a week in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Four days out of the next 26 at home.

I normally don’t worry too much about this because I train very hard leading up to a trip and the time off the bike serves as well-needed recovery time. But it will be 13 days until my four days back at home and that too much time for recovery, which means I’ll be rolling back down the hill I was previously climbing. And while I’m at it, allow me to submit my order for good riding weather on the four days I’m back at home because on them rests my hopes that my legs won’t turn back into Jello. I’ll take running gear for Hyderabad as it’s always warm and dry and Necklace Road near my hotel is a good place to run early in the mornings. And most certainly, I’ll take the running gear to KL since KLCC Park is one of my favorite places to run early morning (assuming the Indonesians aren’t shipping over too much smoke from their seasonal forest fires). HyderabadIf I can get in four good rides in between those two trips, maybe I can keep most of my momentum. But, if not, what can you do? You just have to pull up your lycras, put your head down, and start it all over again. Que Sera, Sera.


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