BRAG Day 1

I’m one day behind because I had so connectivity at our Day 1 stop, which was Social Circle High School in Social Circle, GA.

The route was listed at 68 miles with 3500 feet of climbing.

The route out of Atlanta was not a lot of fun. They kepts us on bike/running paths even throguh Decatur and they were crowded in Atlanta and very rough in Decatur. I didn’t enjoy that part of the ride. The rest of the route was hilly; no true mountain climbs, but there were several long climbs including a long, low grade into Social Circle.

The town set things up for the BRAG riders. Several of the restaurants opened, even though they are not normally open on Sunday, and they closed down Main Street and put on a concert. The city provided shuttles (for a fee) btwwen the High School and downtown so our group popped into town to the Sycamore Street Pizza restaurant. The food was great, but the restaurant was completely overwelmed by all the BRAGgers so the service lacked quite a lot.

After dinner, I walked around finding a few geocaches. There were a couple of multicaches downtown and they were easy and fun to solve, but the final locations were a bit too far to walk so I had to walk away from the second stage of two caches.

I’m sorry that I don’t have more to say. The ride was well organized and uneventful so not much to talk about.

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