BRAG Day 2

I’m still blogging one day behind, but I hope to catch up this evening. Today’s route was listed as 69 miles with 2800 feet of climbing from Social Circle, GA to Milledgeville, GA. As you can see from the elevation, the first half of the route was easy.

We started as a group, the Alabama Chain Gang after a group photo in from the the BRAG bus.

I’m sure you’re wondering why my jersey is different and that is because I missed the deadline for the team jersey order. So, I purchased a jersey from the same manufacturer that looks similar. Day 2 was the first time to wear the team jerseys because Day 1 was college team jersey day. The jerseys were a huge hit as many people complemented us at rest stops and called out to us on the road.

We stayed together well as a team through the first 35 mins and then the heavens opened up and we fell apart. The second half of the route had almost all of the hills as well.

In Milledgeville, we were hosted by the Georgia Military College where they had three gyms open for indoor camping. The concession stand was open selling Chick Fil-A sandwiches and beer from the Red Brick Brewing Company, which is following us from town to town in a four-tap trailer. That was a nice time to meet and talk with other riders while having a good lunch and really good beer.

Our team went to dinner at The Brick in Milledgeville, which was close enough to walk. This place was also overwhelmed by BRAG, but the service was not as bad as the previous night and the food was really good. After dinner, half of us went off to find the one geocache in downtown and succeeded quickly.

More to come.

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