BRAG Day 5

Easy day today with 51 miles and only 1700 feet of elevation gain from Dublin to Swainsboro, GA.

On reflection, Dublin was a nice place to spend two days as there were nice restaurants, a grocery in easy walking distance, and several entertainment events. The only negative I will mention is that the indoor camping venues did not have enough bathroom facilities. I stayed at the First Baptist Church Activity Center and there was only one shower, which meant waits of 30-40 mins. Of course, there is always the shower truck, but I checked on it, there was a line of around 15 trying to huddle against the sun under a little easy-up tent and all descriptions were that the showers were saunas. With all that plus a quarter mile walk back to the church, not appealing. Based on that one negative, I was glad to put Dublin behind us.

Our group had a bit of trouble getting organized and started, but I’d say we were rolling at least by 07:30 if not a few minutes before.

The first rest stop and a few miles after were at a small lake, which was just beautiful and cool. After that, the miles just seemed to click by. We held a group of 5-6 together for most of the day until a flat broke us in half a few miles before the end.

The stop today is at East Georgia State College in Swainsboro and it is a gorgeous campus. They have a lot of land with a lot of green space between the buildings and big, beautiful pine trees. The indoor camping venue is in the gym, which is a very nice facility. The men’s locker room is a bit small, but having six showers and ample restrooms feels like a luxury compared to Dublin. I was able to get showered with no waiting and washed my kit while doing so. BTW, the cycling clothes are drying very quickly in this hot sun. A bunch of people went to a hotel in Dublin to do loads of laundry, but I’ve gotten by washing my kit in showers or sink and air drying in the A/C overnight or in the sun before it goes down. Not bad at all.

Dinner tonight was at a steak and seafood restaurant named Berni’s on West Main. A bit pricey, but very good food.

Tomorrow’s route should be similar to today’s at 53 miles and only 1748 feet of elevation gain. A few of us are thinking to get out early and ride it a little faster. TBH, I’d like to get to Georgia Southern University before all the choice spots are taken. More to come.

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