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Cyclecaching Considerations: Sweat

Maybe you’ll think it’s crazy that I devote a blog post, however short, to sweat, but I spend a lot of time dealing with… sweat. During the warm seasons, I typically ride about 150 miles per week, which translates to, … Continue reading

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BRAG 2016 Final Prep

Today is the day I leave for BRAG 2016 and I feel like I’m well prepared. This serves as an update to my initial post on BRAG Prep and the decisions I’ve made since then. My prep list was as … Continue reading

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First Attempt at Google Reader Replacement – Feedbin

I follow a lot of blogs. I imagine that most people follow a lot of blogs. There are various ways to follow them and I’m sure I don’t know most. But my favorite way to follow is via RSS. If … Continue reading

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