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BRAG 2016 Prep

Well, I’ve aborted my Nawlins-Natchez-Nashville tour for the second Spring running and I’m tentatively planning it for Fall of this year. In its place, I decided, a bit last-minute, to join the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia with a group from … Continue reading

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Finding Geocaches Along a Route

Of course, cycling involves a lot of routing unless you’re the sort that strictly wanders wherever the mood may take you. I’m a planner so I always make a plan before setting out of my bike and that plan is … Continue reading

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Comparison of Route Mapping Websites

Updated: See below. I’m beginning work on the route for my next bicycle tour and I got off on a tangent surveying route mapping websites. I’ve used MapMyRide for mapping out all my previous routes and hadn’t really thought about … Continue reading

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Five Years Bike Commuting

Today marks my 5th anniversary of full-time bike commuting. I had just gotten back into cycling a couple of months before that. In fact, since I’ve kept an accurate log of all my rides and mileage (nerd alert!), I can … Continue reading

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A Metaphor for an Active Life

I was taking a look at the soles of my Adidas running shoes this week, specifically looking at the wear pattern on the soles. I have terrible form, especially in my left leg, that resulted in Runner’s Knee (ITB) when … Continue reading

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And So It Begins (Marathon Edition)

My cycling year has been a disaster, due mostly to my spending the 1st quarter running, followed by training for our Grand Canyon Hike, followed by a hectic travel schedule. I’ve just not been able to get my cycling legs … Continue reading

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Walls of Jericho Training Hike & Camp – GoPro Video

In preparation for our upcoming Grand Canyon Backpacking Tour, we hiked down to the Walls of Jericho in northeast Alabama, camped, and hiked back out the next day. Daryl carried his GoPro camera on a chest mount experimenting with different … Continue reading

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