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Stringing Pearls #7


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BRAG 2016 Prep

Well, I’ve aborted my Nawlins-Natchez-Nashville tour for the second Spring running and I’m tentatively planning it for Fall of this year. In its place, I decided, a bit last-minute, to join the Bicycle Ride Across Georgia with a group from … Continue reading

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Finding Geocaches Along a Route

Of course, cycling involves a lot of routing unless you’re the sort that strictly wanders wherever the mood may take you. I’m a planner so I always make a plan before setting out of my bike and that plan is … Continue reading

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Comparison of Route Mapping Websites

Updated: See below. I’m beginning work on the route for my next bicycle tour and I got off on a tangent surveying route mapping websites. I’ve used MapMyRide for mapping out all my previous routes and hadn’t really thought about … Continue reading

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Five Years Bike Commuting

Today marks my 5th anniversary of full-time bike commuting. I had just gotten back into cycling a couple of months before that. In fact, since I’ve kept an accurate log of all my rides and mileage (nerd alert!), I can … Continue reading

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A Metaphor for an Active Life

I was taking a look at the soles of my Adidas running shoes this week, specifically looking at the wear pattern on the soles. I have terrible form, especially in my left leg, that resulted in Runner’s Knee (ITB) when … Continue reading

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And So It Begins (Marathon Edition)

My cycling year has been a disaster, due mostly to my spending the 1st quarter running, followed by training for our Grand Canyon Hike, followed by a hectic travel schedule. I’ve just not been able to get my cycling legs … Continue reading

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